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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"The Baby-Sitters Club" 2013 Reading Challenge COMPLETED!

Well, that's it. I have officially re-read all of The Baby-Sitters club books. Sadly I didn't complete my addition to the challenge since I wasn't able to get the last three California Diaries books that I need (they are in the mail and aren't expected to be delivered until January), but as this wasn't part of my original goal, this really is a win. It's kind of weird. I've spent a decent amount of time on other people's blogs and see a lot of negativity as people read the books as adults. I totally saw the books in a different life than when I was a kid, but I still have so much love for these books that it completely outweighs and problems or mistakes in the book.

I put off reading Graduation Day and The Summer Before until the end of the year (otherwise I would have been done moths ago) because I really wanted this to be a year long challenge. It has also got me thinking about many of the other books I loved as a kid. As much as I enjoyed this challenge, I don't think there is another series I want to revisit in quite the same way. The BSC is the only lengthy series that I read pretty much in full as a kid and the only one I had a crazy strong connection to. Sure, I loved Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children, and The Sleepover Friends, but I just don't think I would enjoy trying to finish all of the books and therefore know that I wouldn't finish (though I really should read the original Nancy Drew books, I do own them after all). But there are some series I definitely will be visiting again. 

Specifically, I have have been dying to dig out my Laura Ingalls Wilder books and go back to the prairie. I actually think that if there was one challenge of a specific series I would want to try for next, it would be the Little House books. And by this, I mean all of the spin-off series as well. For now I am going to wait a mere few hours and begin to frantcially read from my 2014 Newbery Reading Challenge (seriously debating starting right at midnight...we're having a New Year's Party but I will be the nerd in the corner reading).

To those of you that supported me this year- THANK YOU! The same goes to my blog readers, those that posted my challenge on their blogs/websites/social media, and to those that signed up to read with me. And a big thanks to my boyfriend for tolerating my ridiculous piles of books all over the apartment (and the fact that I often leave books on your chair, computer and bed) and a special thanks to my friend Nick whose Christmas gift is leading to me finally owning all of the California Diaries series. Each and every one of you rock!

Happy Reading and a Happy New Year!!

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  1. I'm pretty jealous that you managed to read them all in a year! I'm stalled out in the 40s lol...I want to get back to it though and back to reviewing them!


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