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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday Freebie!

Top Ten Tuesday Freebie! Your time to pick whatever topic you'd like!

Theme via: The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Book-Related Moments Moments

1. Meeting Ellen Hopkins

2. Meeting Simone Elkeles (and skyping with her too!)

3. Meeting Lauren Myracle

4. Hosting D.J. MacHale at a library event

5. Skype with Julie Anne Peters

6. The release Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Promotional photo the local paper.  I am dressed as
Supergirl as part of my library's Summer Reading Program.
I was actually reading in anticipation of the new book!

7. The release of every Harry Potter Book BEFORE Deathly Hallows
Getting interviewed for the news about the release of Half
Blood Prince.
  Spent the entire day in my Hermione costume.

8. Getting my signed Meg Cabot book
Meeting Meg Cabot is still high on my bucket list, but 

getting a signed copy because a friend got to meet her is

still pretty cool.

9. Visiting a non local bookstore (so much variety)

10. Starting my blog

Other moments in my book-related history:

Yes, that is me holding a scorpion

Me as Pippi Longstockng.  Sadly most people hought I
was Wendy (as in the hamburger restaurant).  Ten points
to those that know the other two characters!
Breaking Dawn release party
(Confession: I had not read
any of the series yet)
Me as Little Critter!
Me as Little Red Riding Hood

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  1. Love all the costumes! Dressing up is one of those activities that never gets old :)


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