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Thursday, March 27, 2014

"I Heart Band" by Michelle Schusterman

Wow this book brought back memories! I was never in band, but many of my good friends in both middle and high school were band geeks. I Heart Band is a great adaptation taking the world of a typical middle school band member and making her the main character in a book. Holly is ready for the best year ever. She has mapped out her scheduled, color coded her outfit and can't wait to be reunited with her best friend Julia after a summer apart. But the first day of school gets off to a bad start when her brother spills orange juice all over her and it only gets worse from there. The cherry on top of her awful day is finding out that Julia has made a new friend at camp, a snotty girl named Natasha. Things continue to go down hill as she falls further and further behind in science and just can't quite top Natasha's music playing ability (because of course Natasha plays that same instrument at Holly).

Though this book is going to have a stronger appeal for readers that are also involved musically, there is plenty for all young girls to enjoy. Holly deals with many situations that young girls will completely relate too; changing friendships, difficulties keeping up in school, and dealing with boys are just a few. Michelle Schusterman clearly has a solid grasp on the thought process of a young teenage girl and this book felt incredibly real. I was very impress with this book. Though it's obviously written for a younger reader, it is still very will written and a book that I feel will appeal to many middle grade readers. Girls with a love of music will not want to miss this one!

Happy Reading!

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