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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"My Heart Is Like a Zoo" by Michael Hall

Oh this book is awesome! The premise is simple: each page features a different animal with a short amount of text describing the scene or that animal. Even better? Each animal is made completely out of hearts. I recently read this book at my library's story time and found this is a great book to share. The kids got to act out many of the animals and by the end of the story, I can guarantee that every single one of those kids (pre-schoolers and younger) had a firm grasp on what the shape of a heart looks like.

This is the kind of book that inspires me to expand beyond the book. I desperately wish I could sew because I think that a set of stuffed animals like those in this book would be absolutely adorable (if someone makes these, let me know). I also found the Adventures of a Blonde Librarian blog where she did some fun activities with her story time group. She makes a good point because this book would also be great for Valentine's day but with the appeal for both boys and girls. Michael Hall has created a real winner with this book. Trust me, if you pick up My Heart is Like a Zoo, you won't be disappointed!

Happy Reading!

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