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Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Do I Expect from an Author when I Review their Book?

Well, first off I want them to realize that just because I may not have liked their book, doesn’t mean that others won’t.  Since starting this blog I have read quite a number of books outside of my normal list of interests.  I have enjoyed some of these books immensely, some not so much.  I realize that my dislike of a book may very likely be because I am not the targeted audience of a book.  I don’t want authors to take it personally if I don’t like their book, the list of books that I have read and enjoyed is a rather odd mix of genres and subjects and their book may not quite fit into that mix.  Also, I am only one person, with one opinion. 

Something that I have struggled with lately is the vast number of review requests I get.  I started my blog as a way of keeping track of the books I’ve read and maybe offering my friends some reading suggestions.  I never anticipated that so many people would find my blog.  Even more, I never expected that authors would seek me out to review their books.  I am flattered.  However, I never intended for book reviewing to take over my life.  At this point, I am no longer taking requests.  The second reading started to become a chore, I took a good look at what I was doing.  Reading has always been my number one hobby, my escape from the real world.  I am always surrounded by large quantities of books and don’t ever want to resent that.  I fully plan on reading all of the books I have been sent, but am not sure if I will begin taking new requests any time soon. 

I am slightly amazed by authors that constantly hound for their review.  I realize that by accepting to review their book, I have made a commitment to them, but at the same time, I have other commitments and priorities that have to outweigh my reading time.  I guess since I am very much a non-confrontational person, it surprises me when others aren’t.  If you have sent me your book but I haven’t reviewed it, don’t worry, I’ll get there.

This isn’t something I expect from authors, but I really appreciate when an author takes a moment out of their day to thank me for reviewing their book.  I have reviewed several “big-name” authors and have been pleasantly surprised when they have contacted me.  Compared to some of the blogs I keep up with, I find mine to be a rather small endeavor and don’t expect my reviews to influence books sales that much.  However, it is awesome to know that these authors appreciate me promoting their books.  Overall, it doesn’t really matter to me if the author of the book comments on my blog or not, but I do think it’s pretty cool when they do.  I love when authors take that extra step to reach out their fans!

Happy Reading!


  1. I definitely enjoyed reading your opinion. I think every blogger gets overwhelmed with book review requests. A week after posting my blog last year I started getting requests swarming me. I don't think it has anything to do with me as a reviewer I think it's more another avenue for promotion so they see it out. I totally understand feeling overwhelmed by it because while I was flattered at first it wasn't that long before I started to feel buried in books. I stopped taking requests well because I have way too many to catch up on and for the longest time couldn't say no, after I came back from a blog hiatus I've started saying no pretty much all the time though I do offer an explanation as to why. For the most part I'm always happy that they thought of me, well except those writers who address me as Dear Blogger instead of learning my name and clearly sent their book to me as part of a mass form mail. Those ones irritate me because one they didn't ask me first if I had the time to read it and two if they can't take the time to glance at my blog enough to find my name which is all over the blog I don't understand why they think I should take the time to read and review their work.

    Anyway I really enjoyed reading your opinion and I like that you brought up the number of requests bloggers get in your opinion. And I have to agree that though it's not expected it's really awesome to see comments on my blog from authors. Great post.

  2. I believe we're all overwhelmed with the number of review requests we receive! If we have the time and dedication to pick that book, read and review it, why shouldn't they be polite and leave a reply? ; )

    Thanks for participating!

  3. I find it very interesting that I have had an influx of review requests since posting this. Maybe it's because I am really paying attention now, but the number seems really high considering I am currently not taking any new requests.


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