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Monday, November 14, 2011

"Happy Birthday to Me" by Brian Rowe

I am so excited by my Kindle.  Reading just got even easier!  My most recent read is Happy Birthday to Me by Brian Rowe.  I wasn't horribly surprised with how the plot developed, but still thought it was a good read.  Cameron is a stereotypical popular jock; is on top of the world, has a gorgeous girlfriend, and has everything he could possibly want.  But of course that isn't enough.  Cameron is constantly using his "birthday" to his advantage..  It may seem like a harmless way to get free dessert, but what happens when his lies go to far?

Cameron begins to wake each day as though he has aged an entire year.  Soon his entire life begins to unravel.  Knowing that his life has been cut short and that the end is very near, will Cameron get his act together and change his ways before it's too late?

I read this book rather quickly, it kept my interest easily.  I am anxious to read the sequel Happy Birthday to Me Again.

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