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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Keep Tales of Tomorrow/Cosmic Cafe Open Downtown!

I am lucky to live in a place with a great downtown. There is lots to see and do, plenty of restaurants, and some interesting shops. Unfortunately there is some necessary construction taking place and some of the businesses are suffering. Once the construction is complete, downtown will be even better, we just have to get through it. My absolute favorite place downtown is the local comic book shop/cafe. I am hoping that with the support of our wonderful community, they will be able to keep their doors open. Even though comics aren't quite my forte, Tales of Tomorrow also has a wonderful selection of reading material for kids, a variety of games (such as Warhammer), an assortment of cosplay materials and so much more. On top of that, the customer service is phenomenal. The Cosmic Cafe offers coffee, teas, Italian sodas and baked goods, all prepared on site. I always feel very welcome here, whether I am just stopping in for a quick treat, or staying to write- our theater group has even read plays here. The atmosphere is wonderful and the staff are amazing. It seems that my town isn't always the best at keeping local establishments open, so I am hoping that this will change for Tales of Tomorrow and The Cosmic Cafe. My town is so lucky to have these wonderful businesses and their staff. If you live in the area and haven't paid them a visit you are missing out. And if you are in the position to donate to them and help them keep their doors open, you will have my undying gratitude.

Cherry Italian Soda prepared by the Cosmic Cafe

Happy Reading (and coffee drinking)!

From the Go Fund Me:

Friends and Family: Tales of Tomorrow is the only independently owned comic bookstore in the Four Corners.

We put down stakes here, Downtown, in the heart of Farmington New Mexico. We believed that the Four Corners community would benefit from our location, products, and services we provide.

For two years, we have watched as a community grew within and around Tales of Tomorrow.

Despite our best efforts, our ship of glossy paper dreams is taking on water, and we need you to bail us out.

The very best way to support us is to visit the store or the café. Providing you with comics and coffee fulfills our mission.

If you would like to assist us from afar, please consider giving us a donation.

In return for your faith and funds, we are restructuring the business. Hopefully, this will see us through the next phases of construction.

We value your inclusion in our lives and thank you for allowing us to be a part of yours.


- Steve, Derek, Joy, Nate, Kim, Heather, and Dakota

Tales of Tomorrow & the Cosmic Café

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