*Note, while I will try to avoid major spoilers, I sometimes won't be able to help it.

About Me

Let’s see, I am a reader, a scrapbooker, and still a beginning cake decorator.  My mind is constantly creating things whether it be layouts, frosting ideas, or wanting to rearrange the furniture (though I’m often too lazy for the last).  I’m usually reading at least three or four books at a time (and have been getting more and more into e-books and now own a Kindle) and I own approximately 2000 books.  In addition, my library card gets used a couple times a week (resulting in more books than I could possibly read in a month).  

 I have been involved at my local library for 13+ years and have been on staff 7 of those years.  It often seems that my world revolves around books.  I started this blog because I felt that it was time to put all of this reading time to use.  I will likely only review books that I enjoy.  These books will be mostly Young Adult fiction, but I dabble in a bit of all genres and age ranges.   

My goal is to post at least one review a week, but I want to eventually post at least one blog a day.  If you like my blog, a follow or comment would be great!  I’m also on Twitter and Facebook.  I have a Formspring, but don’t really check it.  And keep up with my reading on Goodreads!

As always, Happy Reading!

Jen Bryant signing my copy of "The Fortune of Carmen Navarro"

Want to contact me?  I love to talk about books!

Myself and Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, author of "Juneteenth"

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