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Monday, March 17, 2014

"The Titanic Lost...and Found" by Judy Donnelly

The Titanic Lost...and Found is a great introduction to this piece of history. The book has the facts but doesn't go into long explanations that could bore beginning researchers. Though depicting a tragedy, the illustrations were absolutely gorgeous and I liked that one showed what the inside of the ship looked like and another showed the size of a ship in relationship to the number of blocks long (abstract measurements like this never quite made sense when I was a kid so this would have cleared some things up for me at the time). My only complaint with this book was that it was a little outdated (published in 1987). Since I was reading an e-copy, I was a little surprised that some more recent information hadn't been added to this copy. But the basic facts of the Titanic were there so I guess that is enough.
Even as an adult, I love these basic accounts of history. When I need to do research, I still start in with books aimed at youth because I know I can get most of the basic information I need to start and then go about tracking down the more obscure information. Besides, books with pictures make researching so much more fun and interesting. Kids wanting to learn about the Titanic will get a lot out of this book and are in luck if they want to learn more since so much has been written about this majestic ship.

Happy Reading!

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