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Friday, January 31, 2014

"Wonder" by R.J. Palacio

It kills me that I just didn't get a chance to read this book sooner. It is absolutely brilliant! Though it is only January, I can't imagine that anything will keep it off my best of the year list. August isn't like other kids. His face is deformed but that doesn't mean he isn't a normal kid. He is about to start his first year in public school and is going to learn a lot about himself and others around him. The book follows August through his fifth grade year. The majority of the book is told through his point of view, but parts of it are told from the viewpoints of his classmates and sister. There is just so much to learn about this book.

I have known about this book for a very long time and have checked it out from the library more than once. This book is proof that I will always check out more than I can possibly read and each time I checked it out, it's due date came around before I read it. The only disappointing part of this book is how long it took for me to get to it. The characters are so strong and so believable. The plot is engaging. The story is wonderful. It was yet another book I couldn't put down (quite literally. I stayed up way to late reading it, stopping only when my kindle died, then woke up around 5 am to keep reading). Wonder really is a wonder! I often get asked for book recommendations and sometimes it's hard to make suggestions, not because I don't have enough books to recommend, but because they don't know what they like in order for me to get an idea of what else they might enjoy. But there are some books that I tell everyone they should read and R.J. Palacio's book just made that list! If for some reason you haven't read this book yet, go get a copy ASAP, I promise you will fall in love with it just as much as I have.

Happy Reading!

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