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Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Baby-Sitters' Summer Vacation" by Ann M. Martin

I have never been to summer camp.  I read quite a few books that centered on this summer tradition and for awhile I really wanted to go to Summer Camp.  But now I realize that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the experience.  Sure, the arts and crafts cabin would have been a blast, but that might have been about it.  I don't overly enjoy sharing a room with other people (or sharing a bathroom for that matter), being outside for long periods of time isn't that much fun and I don't do well with things of the athletic nature.  Thank goodness I spent my childhood reading about such events instead of traumatizing myself by actually participating.  In Baby-Sitters' Summer Vacation, the six members of the Stoneybrook branch of the BSC are all kinds of excited about attending Camp Mohawk.  Their New York member?  Not so much.  But of course Stacey ends up hopping a bus and reuniting with the rest of the club.  And of course she just might have been better off staying in the Big Apple (I think my non-existent camp experience would have gone something like Stacey's).  The trip is not picnic for the rest of the club either- Mary Anne tries to prove to her co-CIT's that she's not a baby, Kristy gets made over by her co-CIT's, Dawn gets lost in woods and has to rely on one of her campers to save the day, Mal and Jessi get made fun of by their bunk mates...and Claudia falls in love (she does this pretty often).  Pretty much your typical Super Special.

I always loved the Super Specials, I read them constantly!  This wasn't super high on my list of favorites (that would be when the girls went to the more exotic places- New York, Hawaii, Europe...) but I still enjoyed this book.  I think it did have quite a bit of influence on me wanting to attend Summer Camp, but I never did voice this desire hence the lack of said experience.  I'm not sure at which moment I realized I did not want to spend my summer avoiding icky lake water occurred, but I am pretty glad that I am still camp free. I'll stick to reading about it!

Happy Reading!

Glad to know I'm not the only one crazy enough to attempt this challenge.  Head over to Sarah Millar's blog and see what she and other bloggers have to say about the good ole BSC.   

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