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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Hilda Must Be Dancing" by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Suzanne Watts

Oh, this book was so cute!  Karma Wilson's Hilda Must Be Dancing features a hippopotamus that keeps trying out new dances.  She loves her new hobby, but the rest of the animals aren't so crazy about it- she is just too big!  Her moves shake the jungle and just makes to much noise.  Will Hilda find a quiet hobby?

I really enjoyed this book.  Sure, the concept is pretty basic but still fun.  It's great for getting kids involved in the reading ( Hilda must be dancing! gets repeated often) and teaches children a little bit about various kinds of dance.  Young readers that are beginning dance lessons will relate to this book for sure.  This is yet another book that I think should be in everyone's kid-lit collection.  

Happy Reading!

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