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Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Who Was Anne Frank?" by Ann Abramson

 Who Was Anne Frank? by Ann Abramson.

I wasn't thrilled with this book unfortunately.  It is very similar to any Anne Frank biography for children; it contains the basic facts but doesn't go into the gory details of World War II.  I am fine with this.  However, I wasn't happy with the Kindle version of the book.  I found multiple typos from misspelled names to words with missing letters.  I checked this out through my library for free and would have been horribly disappointing had I purchased it and then found the mistakes (I am assuming the typos are only in the Kindle addition, but do not have a hard copy available to verify this).  Again, this book is perfectly acceptable for a brief synopsis of Franks life, but for more details and history I felt that the books listed in the further reading would be a much better choice if you were to pick up a book on the life of Anne Frank.  Overall, I would suggest taking a good look at this book before you make any real decisions and it might be best to avoid the kindle version for the time being.

Recommended Anne Frank books:

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