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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

“Between Mom and Jo” by Julie Anne Peters

Between Mom and Jo is the fourth book by Julie Anne Peters that I have read (the others are Luna, Define Normal, and grl2grl) and I will certainly make a point to read the rest of her books. Between Mom and Jo follows Nick from early childhood through his teen years. Nick is different, not only because he has four first names (Nicholas Nathaniel Thomas Tyler), but also because he has two moms. Nick has little in common with his birth mom, Erin. They rarely see eye to eye on anything and he usually sides with Jo. However, the family is happy and enjoys spending time together. Outside of his home, Nick is often teased and ridiculed for his home life (even teachers treat him differently), but Nick’s moms stand by him and are raising him to not be effected by other’s words.

Everything suddenly changes when Erin and Jo split up. Erin has custody of Nick and forbids him from seeing Jo. Suddenly he plunged in the middle of their feud. He is torn between one mom’s wishes and his need to see Jo. And as if that weren’t enough, his mom soon begins dating again.

Though he may not have a traditional upbringing, I could easily identify with Nick. I felt that the purpose of this book wasn’t to read about a kid with two moms, but instead to read about a young man coping as his family falls apart. No matter what your background is, readers can relate to Nick’s loss and loneliness (don’t worry, I didn’t find this book to be overly depressing, just filled with emotion).

I will soon be reading more of Peters’ books, she really knows how to create realistic, unique characters!

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