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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Honor of "One Day" with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, Based on the Book by David Nicholls

So I saw the movie based on David Nicholls' book last night with the crew of The Void Zone Podcast (will post a link to the review soon!) and really enjoyed it. I plan on reading the book as soon as a copy is available at my library again (I'm second in line to check-it out, so hopefully soon) and will attempt to do a movie/book comparison review. However, in the mean time, I highly recommend the movie!

In honor of One Day, here are some Anne Hathaway movie recommendations (and of course, these movies are based on books).

Even though this movie is very loosely based on Meg Cabot's AMAZING series, I still enjoyed the movie. And can you blame me? Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews? Of course I liked it. Despite some major changes (for instance, Mia's father is still alive in the books) and some rather minor ones (it doesn't matter too much plot wise that the location changed from New York City to San Francisco, at least in my opinion. Though, that's what this blog is, my opinion) I feel like it's a fun movie that is easy to watch either alone or with friends, and it's not the type of movie you have to pay attention every second to remember what is going on with the plot.

On the other hand, I am not a huge fan of the sequel. I did see it twice in theaters (a rarity for me) and own the DVD, but overall it's low on my list of likes. I didn't care much for the repeat of jokes from the first movie, “thank you culinary people” and my favorite line from the trailer was cut as well (“Grandma said shut-up? Shut-up!”). Plus, I was always the one holding out for Mia and Michael to get back together. Overall, that was one book deviation I really wasn't okay with. But I will still occasionally pop it in the DVD on a lazy afternoon of watching movies.

As a whole, I enjoy these movies quite a bit. I have a tendency to like movies based on books far more if I see the movie before I read the book. If I have already read the book, I tend to be more attached to the characters and plot and be unhappy when things are changed. Thankfully at the time of the first movie's release, I did not realize it was based on a book and I'm sure this is part of why I enjoy it so much. If you haven't seen it yet and are in need of a fun chick flick, grab both movies and set your self up for a fun marathon.

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I guess I am a bit of an Anne Hathaway fan. I don't make it point to see all of her movies, but I've seen many and enjoyed most. (How did Jane Austen fans feel about Becoming Jane? I'm sad to say I was bored during it, though I am willing to give it another try.). I immediately wanted to see The Devil Wears Prada the first time I saw the trailer. I loved it then (though I was the one in the theater overly upset that Meryl Streep's daughters now had copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I did not) and it is still in heavy rotation in my DVD player (how I love unintentional puns). I didn't realize immediately that this movie was based on a book. That happens to me often with adult fiction (I have a habit of heading directly to the Young Adult books, checking out of the kids fiction and picture books, making a stop in the biography section, then discovering that I am about to buy more books than I should and leave without ever making it to the rest of the bookstore-or library) so I often miss out on those sort of things. But I found Lauren Weisberger's book (I believe on display at WalMart), immediately bought it and began to read.

I am fairly certain that had I read this book without seeing the movie I would have enjoyed it. But reading it after the movie, I felt a little let down (another case of liking a movie better if I see the movie first). I was especially disappointed with the book's ending. Good for book-Andy to take financial responsibility and get rid of clothes she didn't need to pay off her loans. But I prefer that movie version of Andy giving the clothes she received in Paris to Emily. I liked seeing this character I already loved, doing the selfless thing to benefit someone who was never really nice, but who deep down I think wanted to be.

The book has fun characters that were sadly cut from the movie, but for time and such, these cuts made sense. Overall, I absolutely love the movie and the book will always have a spot on my shelves. It's likely that the book will receive several re-reads from me as well. This is another fun movie for a group of women to watch together (and for a marathon, team it with Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I recommend both Sophie Kinsella's book and the movie in this case!).

I hope I've given you some useful movie ideas.  As always, read the books and make your own opinion.  If you like books I didn't that's fine.  And if you disagree with my opinion, that's okay too.  

Happy Reading!

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