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Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Dangerous Hunt: A Zombie Father's Day Tale" by Raymond Masters

First off, let me make it clear that zombies are not normally my thing. I've never read The Walking Dead or Marvel Zombies. I don't partake in any of the Left 4 Dead or other zombie related video games, (come to think of it, I hardly play any video games...). So one could assume I wouldn't enjoy Raymond MastersDangerous Hunt: A Zombie Father's Day Tale. And one would be assuming wrong.

The premise of the story is fairly simple, Matthew Carter is pressured by his new wife, Janet, to spend time with his step-son Robby. Matthew decides to take Robby on a hunting trip. Of course they don't know that the trip is going to take an unexpected turn when they encounter something strange...

I think my only complaint is the length (only 31 pages) and at the rate I read, the end came too quickly. I hope that Mr. Masters will follow up with a few more installments. Overall, I recommend this to anyone who enjoys tales of the undead.

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  1. Wow, awesome, Melly! I got the email from Smashwords saying you reviewed it. Can't believe I missed this from July. I would consider a follow-up. Actually, I already have an idea in place for Return to Danerous Hunts. Though, judging from the ending, I think you can guess. :)

    If I told you again how awesome you are for the review, could I talk you into giving it a rating on Smashwords so that it shows up there, too?



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