*Note, while I will try to avoid major spoilers, I sometimes won't be able to help it.

"The Baby-Sitters Club" 2013 Reading Challenge

I recently reorganized my (huge) collection of Ann M. Martin's books.  This took longer than it should have as I kept stopping to flip through some of my favorite titles.  This got me desperately wanting to sit down and just read them all over again. And so that is exactly what I'm going to do.  In addition to my regular reading, I plan to read The Baby-Sitters Club series from Kristy's Great Idea to The Fire at Mary Anne's House.  If time permits I will also read the Mysteries, Super Special, Super Mysteries, and any of the other supplemental books.  My plan is to stick with the books pertaining to the main members of the club and only shoot for the spin-off series if I'm incredibly crazy.  I also plan to do this all over the course of 2013.  I will mark the titles I've completed in red.  I won't necessarily be reviewing the books (since every review will consist of "read this book") but will try to post updates about my progress.  Want to join in the fun?  I would love to discuss this series with you!  Feel free to set your own BSC reading goal and read as many of the books that you can! 
The Baby-Sitters Club
  1.  Kristy’s Great Idea 
  2.  Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls 
  3.  The Truth About Stacey
  4.  Mary Anne Saves the Day
  5.  Dawn and the Impossible Three
  6.  Kristy’s Big Day
  7.  Claudia and Mean Janine
  8.  Boy Crazy Stacey
  9.  The Ghost at Dawn’s House
  10.  Logan Likes Mary Anne
  11.  Kristy and the Snobs
  12.  Claudia and the New Girl
  13.  Goodbye Stacey, Goodbye
  14.  Hello, Mallory
  15.  Little Miss Stoneybrook…and Dawn
  16.  Jessi’s Secret Language
  17.  Mary Anne’s Bad-Luck Mystery
  18.  Stacey’s Mistake
  19.  Claudia and the Bad Joke
  20.  Kristy and the Walking Disaster
  21.  Mallory and the Trouble With Twins
  22.  Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter
  23.  Dawn on the Coast
  24.  Kristy and the Mother’s Day Surprise
  25.   Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger
  26.   Claudia and the Sad Goodbye
  27.  Jessi and the Superbrat
  28.  Welcome Back, Stacey!
  29.  Mallory and the Mystery Diary
  30.  Mary Anne and the Great Romance
  31.  Dawn’s Wicked Stepsister
  32.  Kristy and the Secret of Susan
  33.  Claudia and the Great Search
  34.  Mary Anne and Too Many Boys
  35.  Stacy and the Mystery of Stoneybrook
  36.  Jessi’s Babysitter
  37.  Dawn and the Older Boy
  38.  Kristy’s Mystery Admirer
  39.  Poor Mallory!
  40.  Claudia and the Middle School Mystery
  41.  Mary Anne vs Logan
  42.  Jessi and the Dance School Phantom
  43.  Stacy’s Emergency
  44.  Dawn and the Big Sleepover
  45.  Kristy and the Baby Parade
  46.  Mary Anne Misses Logan
  47.  Mallory on Strike
  48.  Jessi’s Wish
  49.  Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street
  50.  Dawn’s Big Date
  51.  Stacey’s Ex-Best Friend
  52.  Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies
  53.  Kristy For President
  54.  Mallory and the Dream House
  55.  Jessi’s Gold Medal
  56.  Keep Out , Claudia!
  57.  Dawn Saves the Planet
  58.  Stacey’s Choice
  59.  Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym )
  60.  Mary Anne’s Makeover
  61.  Jessi and the Awful Secret
  62.  Kristy and the Worst Kid ever
  63.  Claudia’s Friend
  64.  Dawn’s Family Feud
  65.  Stacey’s Big Crush
  66.  Maid Mary Anne
  67.  Dawn’s Big Move
  68.  Jessi and the Bad Babysitter
  69.  Get Well Soon Mallory!
  70.  Stacey and the Cheerleaders
  71.  Claudia and the Perfect Boy
  72.  Dawn and the We Love Kids Club
  73.  Mary Anne and Miss Priss
  74.  Kristy and the Copycat
  75.  Jessi’s Horrible Prank
  76.  Stacey’s Lie
  77.  Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever
  78.  Claudia and Crazy Peaches
  79.  Mary Anne Breaks the Rules
  80.  Mallory Pike # Fan
  81.  Kristy and Mr. Mom
  82.  Jessi and the Troublemaker
  83.  Stacey vs. the BSC
  84.  Dawn and the School Spirit War
  85.  Claudia Kishi , Live from WSTO!
  86.  Mary Anne and Camp BSC
  87.  Stacey and the Bad Girls
  88.  Farewell , Dawn
  89.  Kristy and the Dirty Diapers
  90.  Welcome to the BSC , Abby
  91.  Claudia and the First Thanksgiving
  92.  Mallory’s Christmas Wish
  93.  Mary Anne and the Memory Garden
  94.  Stacey McGill , Super Sitter
  95.  Kristy + Bart =?
  96.  Abby’s Lucky Thirteen
  97.  Claudia and the Worlds Cutest Baby
  98.  Dawn and Two Many Sitters
  99.  Stacey’s Broken Heart 
  100.  Kristy's Worst Idea
  101. Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout
  102. Mary Anne and the Little Princess
  103. Happy Holidays, Jessi
  104. Abby's Twin
  105. Stacey the Math Whiz
  106. Claudia, Queen of The Seventh Grade
  107. Mind Your Own Business, Kristy!
  108. Don't Give Up, Mallory
  109. Mary Anne to the Rescue
  110. Abby the Bad Sport
  111. Stacey's Secret Friend
  112. Kristy and the Sister War
  113. Claudia Makes Up Her Mind
  114. The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier
  115. Jessi's Big Break
  116. Abby and the Best Kid Ever 
  117. Claudia and the Terrible Truth
  118. Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer
  119. Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend
  120. Mary Anne and the Playground Fight
  121. Abby in Wonderland
  122. Kristy in Charge
  123. Claudia's Big Party
  124. Stacey McGill…Matchmaker
  125. Mary Anne in the Middle
  126. The All-New Mallory Pike
  127. Abby's Un-Valentine
  128. Claudia and the Little Liar
  129. Kristy at Bat
  130. Stacey's Movie
  131. The Fire at Mary Anne's House

The Baby-Sitters Club: Super Specials
  1.  Babysitters on Board
  2.  Babysitters’ Summer Vacation
  3.  Babysitters’ Winter Vacation
  4.  Babysitters’ Island Adventure
  5.  California Girls
  6.  New York, New Yorka
  7.  Snowbound
  8.  Babysitters at Shadow Lake
  9.  Starring the Babysitters Club
  10.  Sea City, Here We Come
  11.  The Babysitters Remember
  12.  Here Come the Bridesmaids
  13.  Aloha , Babysitters
  14.  BSC in the USA
  15.  The Babysitters European Vacation

The Baby-Sitters Club: Mysteries
  1.  Stacey and the Missing Ring
  2.  Beware, Dawn
  3.  Mallory and the Ghost Cat
  4.  Kristy and the Missing Child
  5.  Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic
  6.  The Mystery at Claudia’s House
  7.  Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs
  8.  Jessi and the Jewel Thieves
  9.  Kristy and the Haunted Mansion
  10.  Stacey and the Mystery Money
  11.  Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum
  12.  Dawn and the Surfer Ghost
  13.  Mary Anne and the Library Mystery
  14.  Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall
  15.  Kristy and the Vampires
  16.  Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph
  17.  Dawn and the Halloween Mystery
  18.  Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House
  19.  Kristy and the Missing Fortune
  20.  Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery
  21.  Claudia and the Recipe for Danger
  22.  Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade
  23.  Abby and the Secret Society
  24.  Mary Anne and the Silent Witness
  25.  Kristy and the Middle School Vandal
  26. Dawn Schafer, Undercover Babysitter
  27.  Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost
  28.  Abby and the Mystery Baby
  29.  Stacey and the Fashion Victim
  30.  Kristy and the Mystery Train
  31.  Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret
  32.  Claudia and the Mystery in the Painting
  33.  Stacey and the Stolen Hearts
  34.  Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore
  35.  Abby and the Notorious Neighbor
  36.  Kristy and the Cat Burglar

The Baby-Sitters Club: Super Mysteries
  1.  Babysitter’s Haunted House
  2.  Babysitters’ Beware
  3.  Babysitters’ Fright Night
  4.  Babysitters’ Christmas Chiller

The Baby-Sitters Club Friends Forever
BSC Friends Forever Super Special : Everything Changes
  1. Kristy's Big News
  2. Claudia vs Stacey
  3. Mary Anne's Big Breakup
  4. Claudia and the Friendship Feud
  5. Kristy Power
  6. Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap
  7. Claudia Gets Her Guy
  8. Mary Anne's Revenge
  9. Kristy and the Kidnapper
  10. Stacey's Problem
  11. Welcome Home, Mary Anne
  12. Claudia and the Disaster Date
BSC Friends Forever Super Special : Graduation Day

Other Titles

Logan's Story
Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-Sitter
Shannon's Story

Kristy's Book
Claudia's Book
Mary Anne's Book
Stacey's Book
Abby's Book 
Dawn's Book 

Chain Letter
Secret Santa

The Summer Before

Happy Reading!

I am done!


  1. I've always wanted to read the Babysitters Club books. I used to have the spin off series Little Sister. I plan on going to the used bookstore some time soon, if I can find some of the beginning books of this series I'll definitely join in.

    1. They just released some of the earlier books in e-books and with the recent reprinting a lot of libraries are carrying them again (or still have their older copies).

      I loved the "Little Sister" series. My mom bought the first 20 for me at a yard sale and I just couldn't get enough!

      I would love it if you joined. There are no real rules about what to read- just have fun!

    2. Joined! I found some books at the used bookstore! I was very excited to find them. I'm hoping to find more throughout the year.

  2. Thanks again for reaching out to me, Melanie! I've read three books so far, and am so happy I've undertaken a similar project! I can't believe there's 200 books! It's going to be a long project, but so much fun! Happy reading!

  3. I've been doing a mass reread of these too on my blog for the past year or so (in between all my other books, so I haven't gotten very far lol)...good luck with your project! :)

    BSC Tag: http://giveahootreadabook.blogspot.com/search/label/Babysitters%20Club

  4. I loved this series at a tween/teen. I have read a few of the BSC books in past years. Perhaps I will see if I can pick up a few here and there from library, book sales, etc. :) Good luck with your challenge.

    1. Why thank you! Hope you join the fun- it's been bringing back some great memories!

    2. I will be. I just got back from book shopping at the library sale and the a thrift store and scored 9 BSC books for $8. They are random titles from the different BSC sections, but at least I have some to read now. And I think I'll be offering up my books to anyone in US/CANADA wanting to read them for this challenge once I am finished with them. :) Might as well share the books! Off to make a sign up post for this challenge so I can link up!

    3. Nice! And very generous! These books are so precious to me, I can't even imagine loaning them out. However, I got a LOT of duplicates when I was younger and usually traded those in a the used book store...had I known then that I was going to be doing this challenge, I would have saved them for giveaways!

    4. I just realized I haven't read any books towards this challenge yet this yer. *sigh* And after a little thinking, I might try to collect as many as I can, but giveaway duplicates. :) Funny how your feelings change about things given time.

      I see you've made great progress on this challenge. :)

  5. Love this idea for a resolution! A tough one but still really nice. I've been dying to re-read the California Diaries series and I think I'm going to get to that this year when my reading dies down a little bit.

    Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

    1. I have been wanting to re-read the "California Diaries" as well. I am still missing a few in that series so I want to know what happened!! I have only read all three of Dawn, Maggie, and Sunny.

  6. Yes, yes, yes. LOVE THIS. My all time favorite is CLAUDIA AND MEAN JANINE.

    1. I don't know if I have a favorite- there's just too many. Every time I think I have picked one, I end up changing my mind!

  7. I would be interested in joining too, if possible. I weekends alone in my room reading the BSC, getting lost in their world, while hiding from my own abuse. They saved me sometimes if that makes any sense... I could always pick up a book and get lost in their world and forget my pain.

    1. Of course you may join! The point is the have fun re-reading (or reading for the first time) these great books!

  8. I just randomly found this post, but I am obsessed with BSC. I read them when I was in elementary and middle school, and as a stupid high school kid, I got rid of them. Over the last few years, I have been desperately trying to get all of the books again. I buy them whenever I can find them at garage sales and second hand stores. I working on collecting all of the BSC (and off shoots) and all of the BSC Little Sisters. Some day, when I have the complete collection again, I will read them again.


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