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Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography" by Neil Patrick Harris

I did not really become aware of NPH until Dr. Horrible' Sing Along Blog. Of course I had heard of Doogie Howser and some of his other roles, but had never paid much attention. Sometime after my first view of Dr. Horrible, I was properly introduced to How I Met Your Mother. It was around this time that I began to pay a little more attneition to his career. So when I saw Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography at the library, I had to read it. While it is a little strange as a piece of nonfiction, it was certainly worth the read.

The book is set like the Choose Your Own Adventure books that were imensely popular when I was in elementary school. I personally was not super impressed with them. I remember reading a Star Wars one, but having seen the films, I just chose the answers that would get me to the same result as the movie. I was pleased to see that Harris book does follow the same format putting the reader in the driver's seat and allowing them to follow his life based on their decisions. I doubt I would enjoy another bio in this same fashion, but once through was enjoyable. My only real compleaint about this writing choice is that there is a lot of flipping back and forth to get the whole story. Since one decision leads to another and then another, if you want to read all of the details, you have to go back previous sections. This was okay the first tie through, but I wouldn't mind having a sequential take for a second read through.

Apart from the change in style, this book is fairly standard as far as autobiographies go. The reader is likely to learn some things about Harris that they would get from WIkipedia or IMDB. I thought that some sections could have been fleshed out with more detail, but can easily accept that they weren't. As a whole, I found this book quite interesting and would not be disappointed if Harris decided to add writing to his carer. And because I have to, yes, I would say this book is "legen wait for it dary."

Happy Reading!

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