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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Titanic A to Z, The Story of the World's Most Famous Shipwreck" by Judy Nichols

This book sort of does what it sets out to accomplish. It does provide an A to Z list about the Titanic, but at times it was clearly a stretch to come up with these 26 items. It's not the worst Titanic centric book I have read, but it certainly isn't the best.

There is more to this book than just the listing of items that fit the A to Z description. Titanic A to Z, The Story of the World's Most Famous Shipwreck covers many of the basic details surrounding the sinking of the Titanic. It is definitely written for a younger audience, with basic facts and not too much focus on the horrors of the disaster. I liked that it didn't focus heavily on this because while important, it may be a little much for young readers to comprehend.

As a basic introduction to the Titanic, this book works. However, since Nichols had to get really "creative" to complete the alphabet, I wish that she had used some other gimmick for this title.

Happy Reading!

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