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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rock the Drop 2014!

I will be participating in this awesome event today! As I will also be driving to Texas, I have no idea where I will be leaving books, but it will most likely be in various gas stations on my trip. Keep your eyes open, people around the country will be participating (maybe even around the world) so who know where you might find a new book!

Happy Reading!

Rock the Drop 2014
Operation Teen Book Drop 2014 will be held in honor of Support Teen Literature Day on Thursday, April 17th, 2014. Above is the banner celebrating the day and our fabulous sponsors: iheartdaily and Justine Magazine. Feel free to share the banner at your blog and on social media, then print out copies of the bookplate below. Slap the bookplates in your favorite YA books and leave the books in public spaces for lucky readers to discover.

Want to join in the fun? Here's how you can get involved:
* Follow @readergirlz on Twitter and tweet #rockthedrop
Print a copy of the bookplate and insert it into a book (or 10!) On April 18th, drop a book in a public spot (park bench, bus seat, restaurant counter?) Lucky finders will see that the book is part of ROCK THE DROP!
(If you think people won't pick up the book, slap a Post-It or note on the front cover that reads, "Take this book - IT'S FREE!" Bonus points for using recycled paper and/or making your own funky design!)
Post the banner at your blog and social networks. Proclaim that you will ROCK THE DROP!
Snap a photo of your drop and post it at the readergirlz Facebook page. Then tweet the drop at #rockthedropwith all the other lovers of YA books.
Visit our blogFacebook page, and Twitter for more news and pictures before, during, and after the event!
Here's the bookplate - save, print, and paste.

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