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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Pandemonium" by Lauren Oliver

I enjoyed Pandemonium quite a bit more than Delerium. It felt like Oliver had hit her stride with the plot and the characters and the story got started a lot quicker this time around. Lena escaped her old life at the end of Delerium and now faces a new life in the wilds. She is soon adopted by a group of people that also make the wilds her home and begins to learn what it like to live without constant regulation but instead with fear of being caught rebelling. She no longer has Alex so has to make this transition mostly on her own. Soon she will be caught up in the fight against the government as those that are against The Cure try to make a change.

The book alternates between two story lines, both from Lena's perspective, just at different periods of time. I thought this was a very interesting plot device because no matter what trouble Lena was in during the "Then" segments, I knew she had to get out of it because of the "Now" segments. There is more action in this than in the first installment and I spent much of my time reading it on the edge of my seat. Though I did enjoy this book, I am still not the biggest fan of this series. As a whole it is good, but not the strongest set of books I have read. But at the end of the book I was entertained and anxious to read Requiem and that is part of makes it a worthwhile read.

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