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Friday, March 7, 2014

"Who Was Walt Disney?" by Whitney Stewart

I must say, despite my one bad experience with a kindle edition, I am pretty pleased with the Who Was biography series. Who Was Walt Disney gives the basic run down of Disney's childhood and how he developed the Disney empire from a tiny production to the mass marketed universe we know today. In my life I have read quite a few biographies about Disney so I didn't learn anything knew from this book, but I did like how the information was presented in an easy to read fashion and with illustrations that only add to the book. 

I see this being a great book for kids. Since Disney is still such a popular movie company, brand, and is still very much a household name, I think kids would enjoy learning about the man that started it all. I also think that there are probably a lot of kids who aren't aware of how the Disney line as a whole came to be. I know as a child it was interesting to learn about Walt Disney's childhood and the creation of Mickey Mouse so I would hope that other kids would enjoy learning about his life as well. I think that Whitney Stewart  has done a great job of capturing such an interesting life and I'm willing to bet that kids who like this book will want to pick up other titles in the series and learn about the lives of other historical figures

Happy Reading!

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