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Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Tiny Acts of Love" by Lucy Lawrie

You probably saw the interview I did with Lucy Lawrie a few days ago. Here's what I thought of her book:

Let me start this review by saying that I did rather enjoy this book and had a good time with the characters and the plot. That said, I do feel that the overall plot was a little scattered. Tiny Acts of Love is about Cassie a woman trying to figure out; motherhood, how she feels about a past romance, and spends part of the novel on a ghost hunt.

I was very much interested in Cassie's struggles to get a grasp on motherhood and while I was less interested in her conflicts from her past relationship with Malkie, I thought that it did bring something to the story. However, I would have left out the bits involving ghost hunting and much of her work as lawyer. While those elements are interesting, I didn't feel that the they quite fit with this story. At times, it almost felt like there were two plots that had been meshed into one book. Despite this, I enjoyed the overall book. I thought that Lawrie did a great job of capturing first time motherhood and what it would be like to not be completely sure how to raise a child but still wanting to do the best job possible. This book is full of many laugh out loud moments from baby Sophie's birth announcement to antics of the Babycraft group.

Though this book does have it's weak points, I think it is pretty good for a first novel. I will be keeping an eye out for more books by Lucy Lawrie. Fans of Emily Giffin, you will probably want to give this book a read!

Happy Reading!

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