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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Interview with Amy Talkington, Author of "Liv, Forever"


Why did you chose to write Liv, Forever?
Liv. I really wanted to write her story. I think part of it, maybe, was exorcising certain demons of my own. Liv’s emotional situation is not that different from where I was at in high school. Maybe I was trying to work through that. Honestly, I’d never thought about it exactly that way until just now. But subconsciously that might have been it.

Do you have any plans for a sequel? Why or why not (assuming this won't spoil anything)?
I do have an idea for a sequel. I think by the end of the book, the reader has a pretty good idea about where the sequel takes Liv (and it’s intense!). The big question is: how does she continue to connect with Malcolm. And, that, I’m not telling!

Do you listen to music while you write? If so, can you give us a playlist.
Oh, yes! For Liv, I revisited a lot of the music that I loved when I was in high school (at boarding school!). The Velvet Underground, Echo and the Bunnymen, Bauhaus, and The Cure were my very favorites. (Yes, I was a pretty dark teenager!) Listening to those songs really took me back to my high school self and helped me access some of those feelings that I wanted to explore in the book. But, I also listened to some newer stuff like Fleet Foxes, the xx, and Bright Eyes. A bunch of those songs—both old and new—ended up on Malcolm’s playlist for Liv.

Where is your favorite place to write? Why?
I write in my office almost always. It’s my dream office that I finally fixed up when I had kids and needed to get out of the house to write. It’s a little writing bungalow (a converted 1920s garage) with an amazing view. Located right down the hill from my house .

This is your first novel, how does it feel to be published?
Incredible, of course. It’s especially awesome because, as a screenwriter, I’m frequently rewritten (we all are!). So,  to have a piece of material that’s all mine—every word!—is incredibly gratifying (and slightly terrifying!).

What are you currently reading?
I’m multi-tasking (as usual) and reading Pamela Ribon’s hilarous Notes To Boys (and Other Things I Shouldn’t Share in Public); Ransom Riggs’ Hollow City, Lynda Obst’s insightful Sleepless in Hollywood about the shifting business of Hollywood, and Eve Epstein and Leonora Epstein’s sharp, funny, and moving X vs. Y: A Culture War a Love Story. And, next up is the amazing E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars (yes, I got my hands on an ARC! And, PS she gave Liv, Forever an awesome blurb!)

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