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Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Picture Perfect" by Deena Remiel

Picture it. Woman is walking down the beach when she gets a nasty cut on her foot. She passes out only to wake up in the arms of the love of her life. The two make an instant connection and believe they are destined to be together. Only problem? A psycho woman that never even dated the man is insanely jealous and tries to refocus his attention back on her. Can you tell I wasn't really into Picture Perfect?

I'm not sure what I read this book. It's everything I don't like about romance novels. The characters aren't well developed, the plot is shallow, and while there were a few pages of suspense, it wasn't enough to keep my interest. Maybe if there was something that made me care about the characters and their well being this book wouldn't have been so bad. However, I am aware that there are readers that will find this book exactly what they are looking for. Obviously there wouldn't be so many of these cheesy romances if there wasn't a market for them. If you are like me, don't even bother picking this book up. However, if you are into these sort of romances you will probably enjoy yourself. One thing to keep in mind, this one is really short so it wouldn't hurt to have another book on hand too.

Happy Reading!

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