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Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Every Boy's Got One" by Meg Cabot

My favorite part of this book was the afterword by Meg that lists all of the aspects of the novel that she based on her own elopement in Italy (and the few things that she made up). This book felt very authentic and upon reading that I understood why- Meg couldn't have made this stuff up!

In Every Boy's Got One, Jane Harris is over the moon to go on her first overseas trip to help her best friend, Holly elope with Mark. Too bad Cal (the best man) doesn't believe in marriage, and that he is incredibly hot if incredibly annoying and it seems like everything may fall apart. Add on top of that, Italy's strict laws for marriage, the three hour lunch breaks where everything is closed therefore messing up Jane's plans and a teenage boy that is obsessed with Wondercat, Jane's cartoon (and therefore he's obsessed with her) and you are in for an interesting novel. Told through journal and PDA entries and emails, this story is hilarious and over the top, but I wouldn't expect (or want) anything else from Meg.

I am really picky about the romance novels that I like. I hate when the characters instantly fall in love without knowing anything about each other. I hate when the entire novel is made up of unrealistic passion and "love." I hate it when there is no character development just two idiots that think they were made for each other. Thankfully, this book does none of those things. Jane and Cal are very real and have issues like actual people. Though you can probably guess the general ending of this book, the journey to get there is so much fun. I see this book appealing to fans of Sophie Kinsella (and vice versa) and those who are just in need of a good laugh.

Happy Reading!

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