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Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Looking for Alaska" by John Green

Fabulous, amazing, memorizing! I don't know if these words are enough to sum up how much I enjoyed John Green's Looking For Alaska. I listened to it on audiobook on a recent trip and the time just flew by. At one point we stopped for lunch and I had to wait a few moments because I was almost at the end of a disc and had to know what happened next.
Miles has just started at boarding school, the same school his father attended as a teen. He knows that his life is going to change, but I don't think he realizes just by how much. Obsessed with the last words of the dead, he is searching for his "Great Perhaps" when he meets The Colonel and then Alaska. Nicknamed "Pudge" he starts to fall into The Colonel's and Alaska's habits; smoking in his dorm room, sneaking off to drink, and helping with pranks. Now before you judge, realize that you need to read this book to get Pudge's entire story arc. He certainly doesn't make the best decisions and neither do his friends, but they learn so much from their actions and you will finish this book knowing that they will be better people for it.
I hate that I have read so little by John Green, but I the same time, I like that I get the opportunity to savor his writing. What I have read, is pure awesome! In addition to his writing, he has some pretty entertaining (and educational) videos out there on the interwebz as well. Trust me, if you are studying something that he has done a "Crash Course" video for, then you must watch it! There's a part of me that is constantly telling myself to get check out all of Green's work right now this very minute (assuming any of his books are checked in, a rarity at my library- and for a good reason), but another part of me is holding off so I can enjoy each book separately so that the enjoyment lasts just a little bit longer. Yeah, I'm crazy, I know.

Happy Reading!

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