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Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Here Today" by Ann M. Martin

Here Today is one of my favorites of Ann M. Martin's books. Everything is about to change for Eleanor Roosevelt Dingman, better known as Ellie. Ellie's mother is over the top eccentric and desperately wants to become famous. She has been in plays, constantly goes to lessons and auditions and spends most of the book trying to make a name for herself (besides the name she has given herself, Doris Day Dingman). She is so focused on creating her career, that her children often fall by the wayside. Ellie, her brother, and her sister live in a neighborhood that is often targeted for "bad things." Mailboxes get smashed, property gets vandalized and graffitied, and these aren't even the worst of the offenses. Even at school, things aren't easy for Ellie and her best friend; part way through the school year, several of the girls in their class decide to make Ellie and Holly their targets. There is so much going on in Ellie's life, it is amazing that she is able to hold everything together the way she does.

This really is an amazing book. Every bit of it is so realistic and Martin does a great job of capturing the era it takes place in (1963-64, if you are wondering). Ellie is a very strong character and the kind of person that you want on your side. Despite her age, she really is the one holding her family together and she does so without arguing. This is another example of Martin's characters being put it a difficult position that is really more than someone their age should have to deal with, but one cannot help but respect Ellie because of how she handles the difficulties in her life. It seems that Martin's stand alone books don't get nearly as much attention as her series, but some of her stand alones are so amazing, including this one! It is absolutely a must read!

Happy Reading!

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