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Monday, January 13, 2014

"Big Nate: I Can't Take It!" by Lincoln Perice

Big Nate is back, but this time in color! Just like the other compilations of the Big Nate comics, this one is excellent, but I did have one complaint. My library recently got a bunch of the Big Nate books that could be checked out on the Kindle and I powered through the ones I had not read. A few days later I Can't Take it became available for checkout and I discovered that it had quite a few repeats from All Work and No Play and Big Nate Makes the Grade. Had I not read these books so close together, I may not have noticed this, but since I did, I am a little disappointed. Now I don't have knowledge of the number of comics that have been produced, but I would assume that there would be enough material to not have so many repeats. But despite this, I did enjoy the book quite a bit. It was really nice to see the comics in color, it definitely brought new life to the comics.

I am glad to see these compilations because I think they are a great introduction for readers that are ready for longer books, but that may not be quite ready for full chapters. Most of the stories are contained to an individual  strips, though many of the jokes get revisited again and again (my personal favorite is the debate over which is better; cats or dogs). Big Nate is perfect for reluctant readers and I like they can be shared with the whole family (and it's nice that they don't have to be read in a specific order). Readers just won't be able to get enough of Big Nate!

Happy Reading!

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