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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"I Could Chew On This: And Other Poems by Dogs" by Francesco Marciuliano

Following I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats comes I Could Chew On This: And Other Poems by Dogs. I loved the cat book, but this one is even better (though, as a dog owner, I could be really biased). The book is filled with poems that perfectly capture the panic a dog goes through when it's owner is missing (also known as: in the bathroom) or starts to prepare dinner and then stops to take a phone call, the embarrassment of having a human that insists on dressing their dog in clothing and what's it like to chase after a tennis ball that was never actually thrown. Dog lovers will fall in love with this book.

Francesco Marciuliano has really hit a home run with this book. I am quite the sucker for a cute dog story and I laughed quite a bit while reading this book. It is very cute though I must say it is likely not for everyone. I am certain that the only people who will enjoy this book are dog lovers so if there is a dog lover on your Christmas list and you aren't sure what to get them, there is a good chance that this would be a well received present.

Happy Reading!

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