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Monday, December 30, 2013

"Here Come the Bridesmaids" by Ann M. Martin

One more review for the year:
I goofed during my re-reading session. I had it in my head that Dawn came back from California in the regular series and then flew back for her Dad's wedding.  So when I started Kristy and Mr. Mom I was quite surprised to see Dawn.  Oops!  Anyway, this book was great as a kid but kind of weird as an adult.  Things that came off as strange to me:
Dawn assuming that Mary Anne was a bridesmaid too.  Sure, they have a great relationship as stepsisters and Jack did let Mary Anne (and everyone) stay with him that one time, but she is still the daughter of his ex's new husband.  If that were me, I don't think I would be quite comfortable with her being a bridesmaid.  A guest of course, but not in the wedding party.
Stacey being a bridesmaid in Mrs. Barrett/DeWitt's wedding.  I (sort of) get her reasoning, but surely she knows someone else?  I think that it would be weird to look at my wedding pictures and see someone I'm not especially close to in the wedding party.  But I have no marriage plans (and if I did, I doubt they would include a massive wedding party), so either way my brain can't comprehend the situation.
Claudia's "job."  The parents in these book seriously rock.  Not only is Mr. Schafer letting Dawn's friends come out for his wedding (they aren't people that he really knows after all), but he's paying Claudia to help prepare for the wedding.  I kind of side with the people that want to get permission from the Jack and Carol prior to listening to Claudia.  I too would find it strange if someone who was thirteen was trying to change the wedding plans.  Just sayin.
While I was re-reading, the Barrett/DeWitt wedding felt kind of forced.  It completely made sense for the BSC to be involved since the younger kids weren't part of the ceremony.  But it felt like the storyline was thrown in to involve all of the BSC in this story and not just those traveling to California.  I do think I would have enjoyed this particular book more had it been just a regular book in the series.  Because it was a Super Special, there had to be more content and it felt very drug out.  All of the Super Specials were among my favorites as a kid, but this one (sadly) just didn't hold up.
Happy Reading!

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