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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Elmer, the Christmas Elf" by Eileen Telford

Elmer the Christmas ElfIt's a shame I didn't care for this story.  I thought that it had a lot of potential, but it felt like it was hastily put together and the story was rushed through.  I thought the Eileen Telford's Elmer, the Christmas Elf could become a Christmas classic for children, but it has a ways to go to meet that standard.

Elmer tries to be a good elf, but finds that he is better at getting in the way than he is at being helpful.  The Master Elf lends Elmer a hand and teaches him to carve wood.  The ending became kind of obvious to me as I was reading but I liked where the story ended up.  I hope that the author sticks with the story and works to improve it.  I want to recommend it and I think with some edits I could.

Happy Reading!

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