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Monday, December 2, 2013

"Daddy Christmas and Hanukkah Mama" by Selina Alko

This book is fabulous!  I didn't know anything about Hanukkah until reading Ann M. Martin's Little Sister series and learning about Nancy's Jewish celebrations.  I loved Selina Alko's Daddy Christmas and Hanukkah Mama and how Sadie gets to celebrate each holiday with all of the members of her family.  They hang candy canes on the menorah and put gelt under the Christmas tree.  They eat foods traditional for each holiday and give presents for the eight nights of of Hanukkah and on Christmas mornings.

There were quite a few things I liked about this book.  First, I love how it incorporates elements of the two holidays.  It covers food, traditions, and how the two can be intertwined.  The second thing I loved was the art style.  I am realizing that I am quite a fan of mixed media.  I especially loved the way images were pieced together from found objects (I really loved the painted over crossword puzzle).  I think this a definite must for the holiday reading list.

Happy Reading!

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