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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell

So here's the process that led to me reading Rainbow's Rowell's (who, by the way, would win my best named author award if I did such a thing) Eleanor & Park. Rainbow was the writer of the one of the NaNoWriMo updates and she talked about her book, Fangirl. My brain was sparked because it sounded really good and it's a NaNo book, but since my library doesn't have it yet, I decided to read Eleanor & Park instead. Now I was aware of it, I'd seen it on display at the library and knew that it was getting great reviews. It ended up somewhere on the list of books I hope I find time to read before I die. Thankfully it ended up making it's way to the top of said list because it is really good!
Eleanor has just moved back in with her family after originally being kicked out by her stepfather. They live in a too small house with too many people and live in fear of his temper. Park is part Korean, part nerd and 100% awesome. The two meet on the bus when Eleanor has no where else to sit and ends up next to sitting next to Park. Slowly their relationship begins to develop. At first, she reads comics over his shoulder, then they start reading said comics together. Soon Park starts making mix tapes for Eleanor; she loves music but has no means to go out and buy her own (and note that I said mix tape. This book is not set in the present day but instead takes place in the mid 80s). As time goes by, their relationship grows stronger, but so does the need for Eleanor
to keep all of this a secret. You will fall head over heels for these characters and this book has an ending you won't soon forget.
I loved how natural this book felt. It felt like these two could easily walk out of the pages of the book and be actual people. Every event that took place in the book was also very realistic. Never once did I have the though 'there's no way that would happen.' Once I started this book, it was extremely difficult to put it down. Rowell has created a real gem and I am looking forward to reading more of her books.

Happy Reading!

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