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Thursday, November 14, 2013

"45 Pounds (More of Less) by K. A. Barson

I was very impressed by this book.  It was one of those books that I didn't know that I wanted to read, but something about it called to me.  It is one of the most genuine books that I have ever read.  Ann has always struggled with her weight.  She has tried to overcome it in the past, but has never had the dedication or persistence to actually make a difference.  Finally she promises that she is going to make it this time.  She is going to loose 45 Pounds (More or Less) by her aunt's upcoming wedding.  She orders a weight-loss system off tv and gives up all junk food (even though she has to get a job at a pretzel place in the mall to finance said weight-loss system) and starts to exercise.  She discovers that even though she is at her most determined, the process still isn't easy.  As time goes by, she discovers that her mother doesn't have the healthiest of lifestyles either and the whole family is going to have to get back on track, not just for their bodies, but for their mental health as well.

I cannot believe how good this book was. K.A. Barson has a real knack for writing a very believable teenage girl. I wanted to be Ann's friend. I wanted to be there for her as she worked towards finding her place in the world and finding how to be happy with herself. I especially wanted to be there for her since she spends a good portion of the book struggling to make friends and dealing with those that only use her to their advantage. I highly recommend this as a book that every teen girl should read ASAP. You will learn about yourself as you will learn about those around you.

Happy Reading!

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