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Thursday, August 8, 2013

"All-American Girl" and "Ready or Not" by Meg Cabot

Eep!  My week got away from me!  Okay, pretend I published this review last week!

All-American Girl is possibly one of the least out there book in the Cabot-verse. Sam: Average girl, failing German because she spends class drawing instead of studying, is sent to drawing lessons as an "outlet" for her creativity, skips class and because of it is there to save the life of the president. Whew!  On top of that, she is love with her older sister's boyfriend but begins to develop a relationship with the president's son.  And as with many of Cabot's booka, suddenly the media can't get enough of her.  I love this book.  Sam obsesses with Top 10 lists that are sprinkled throughout the book- from why she wishes she were her hero Gwen Stefani, to why she suffers the most being the middle child.  She is so real, I could easily picture her moving in down the street.  The majority of the book focuses on her love life (or lack of it) but also includes how her life changes in that moment of saving the life of another.  Such a good book!

Ready or Not takes Sam's story to a much more mature level.  I would have no problem letting a young teen read All-American Girl.  The same isn't quite so true for Ready or Not (parents I completely leave this decision up to you).  Sam is trying to decide if she is ready to take her and David's relationship to the "next level."  At the same time, she is part of the president's campaign to restore strength in families.  Oh yeah, and it may or may not infringe on some teen rights.  While this book could be considered more political, I think it is one that an even larger group of teens (especially girls) could very much relate to.  Though I do recommend it to older teens, it is still a must read.

Happy Reading!

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