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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"The Princess Diaries" by Meg Cabot

just re-read The Princess Diaries series for the umpteenth time.  I never get sick of these books!  They are very high on my list of favorite series.   

Mia Thermopolis is a really tall, really flat-chested freshmen.  She is barely scraping by in Algebra, her mom has an upcoming date with said Algebra teacher, she is not very popular.  Oh yeah, she just found out that she is a princess. A princess. Of an entire country.  Okay, a small county, but still a country!  Now on top of everything else, she has to learn how to someday rule said country under the watchful eye of her Grandmère.  And you thought your life was stressful.  Throughout the series, we follow Mia all the way to her high school graduation, through romances and break-ups, from the school newspaper to her first novel and through many diary entries that are written in women's restrooms.  Mia is funny, obsessed with all things pop-culture, and might just be my all time favorite heroine.  

Because the books are written like actual diaries, they also contain notes from Mia's classes, notes passed in class between her and her friends, newspaper articles and the like.  It really reads like someone's diary.  They are certainly a book that will appeal more to girls (I have yet to meet a guy that has read these books) and probably only to a certain set of girls.  There is a lot of girly talk and gossip, a decent about of fashion, and only one explosion.  I don't recommend these books to just anyone but if you like girly books and haven't read this series yet, you are so missing out!

Read them all!

The Princess Diaries
The Princess Diaries, Volume II: Princess in the Spotligh
The Princess Diaries, Volume III: Princess in Love
The Princess Diaries, Volume IV: Princess in Waiting

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