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Friday, July 5, 2013

Promo post "The Cordello Quest"

(Hosts own introduction)

What would you do if you found yourself in another world? If you were told you had a key role to play in the lives of a people you never knew existed? That you had been a part of their legend for centuries? Who would you rely on? The Cordello Quest is a tale of hope, trust and faith. It is a tale of magic and mystery ... of making the most of your inner knowing. It is a tale of doing the right thing ... wherever you are. It is a tale of tuning in to your most aware self. Most of all, it is a tale of the power of love and light.

An Extract from The Cordello Quest

Charls walked towards me, his hand concealing the object that he'd removed from the table drawer.

“Keira, I believe this will help you in your time here; I am sure that it will give you guidance on how to use your energy to its best advantage.”

He handed the object to me. It was a small, thin book, about the size of a postcard, and I guessed it contained no more than forty to fifty pages.

“It is my great–grandmother's journal. She entrusted it to me when she moved on to her new life.”

I was puzzled. “Sorry, Charls; I don't understand. Where did she go?”

“Ah. 'Move on' is the term we use when someone dies. We consider the process to be a transition to another place just as 'real' as this one.”

“Oh! I see.” Well, I thought I did. I waited for Charls to continue.

“This treasured little book has the capacity to teach you about lovelight, positive thinking, the power of prayer, belief, love and co–operation, and will help you to understand how best to develop your skills so that you can assist us.”

I took the book as gently as I could. Feeling a reverence that I had not felt before, I carefully lifted the cover, faded now to a soft dove grey, and examined the first written page. The writing was clear and firm, despite its age. I read: “This journal belongs to Aida Charlotte Evangeline, Lady of Cordello.”

As I read her name, a jolt of electricity pulsed through me. I felt the strangest, strongest connection with Aida, simply by touching her book and reading her words. Charls noticed my reaction. “Keira? Is everything okay?”

A little shaken, I nodded my head. “I just had what felt like an electric shock. And I don't think it's static from your carpet," I joked. I stroked the aged paper and received a muted version of the same sensation. “It's like there's some sort of power in the book, which I access when I touch it.” I looked up at Charls, wondering what his response would be. He had tears filming his eyes.

“Oh Keira . . . you are picking up Lady Aida's energetic vibration through your hands. You must have a natural affinity and skill for reading energy from objects. You could be more valuable to us in our mission than we first thought possible. At present, there is no–one in Cordello with this ability. This must be why my inner guidance prompted me to give you her book.”

An Interview with character Lady Aida

Joanna: Hello, Lady Aida, thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions.
Lady Aida: I’m pleased to be here, Joanna and Ron. Thank you for having me.
Joanna: First of all, what’s it like being an Ascended Reikan?
Lady Aida: It’s extremely rewarding. My assignment has been interesting, to say the least. Being able to offer guidance to awakening humans is a joy.

Ron: Lady Aida, when you were writing in your journal - the one used by Keira when she was in Cordello - did you have any idea that it would become so important?
Lady Aida: No, not at all. Writing the journal was simply my way of making sense of my learning, and tracking my own development in the use of crystals, lovelight and intuition. I was heartened to see that Keira gained so much from my own experiences.

Joanna: When you were working with crystals, did you ever have a favourite?
Lady Aida: I would not have been able to choose, my dear. Their frequencies are different, and each has its own value. It would be like asking me to choose a favourite niece or nephew. I do have a fondness for the quartz crystals, however, and appreciated the warm tones and shades of the Tiger’s Eye.

Ron: Of all the places you’ve seen, do you have a favourite?
Lady Aida: Cordello, without a doubt. True, I have travelled to many worlds, seen many wonderful things. And I was very fond of Reika, of course. But . . . Cordello is home, and I am always glad to return to its green valleys and to my own people.

Joanna: What is your favourite colour?
Lady Aida: I have no favourite, dear. All colour is light, and to choose from among the light is not possible.

Ron: If you could be any animal, what would you choose?
Lady Aida: I believe I would choose to be an eagle. Soaring high, with wide perspectives and clear sight. I am fond of flying, as you know.

Joanna: A final question for you, Lady Aida. Do you have a favourite word?
Lady Aida: Oh yes, dear. It is Love.
Joanna: I should have known you’d say that! Thank for your time, Lady Aida.
Lady Aida: It’s been a pleasure. Goodbye.

The Cordello Quest – ecopy mobi, epup, pdf
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Three Matches

Joanna’s short tale ~

“You only have three matches,” the man announced. “Use them wisely.” He turned the key in the lock behind him as he left. The light was snapped off, leaving me marooned in the blackness. Heart plummeting, legs weak, I sank into the chair. Trapped. The only person who could get me out of this was me.

I lit the first match, a quivering glow of light leaping around the small room’s walls. It wasn’t long before the flame burned my fingers, the match dropping uselessly to the tiled floor. The darkness seemed even deeper than before.

I willed myself to sit in the darkness for a while, to let it become my friend rather than my enemy. I could see nothing - but that didn’t mean I needed to be scared, did it? It was just like closing my eyes; the room was still there, unchanged. Only my perception was different.
In response, my hearing sharpened. There was a scuffling in the corner. Rats?

When I could bear it no longer, I ignited the second match and peered towards the noise. Small black shapes milled around, tumbling over each other with fluid grace. A gap appeared; I could see the hole they were using to bring nesting material inside.

“Ouch!” I cried, the flame singeing my fingertips. The spent match slipped from my hand, darkness wrapping around me once again. I took a deep breath. Only one match left. Carefully, I moved towards the rats. My timing would have to be perfect. I struck the match, and the animals fled with high squeals. Grabbing the bundle of straw they’d been using, I set it aflame. Holding it high above me, I blew on the blazing straw, fanning the flames wider and higher, sending smoke billowing throughout the room.

The smoke alarm pealed and the door was flung open. Crouching low to the floor, below the smoke, I scrambled out, straight into the man’s legs. He grabbed my arms, lifting me upright.
He smiled his approval.
“Well done,” he grinned. “You passed that challenge with flying colours. Are you ready for the next one?”
“Bring it on!” I replied.

Ron’s poem ~

The fire from the past still remains
Though darker and dimmed by the year
It guides, it answers and misleads
As memories mix and appear

The flame of today burns so bright
As source is consumed in its path
The flicker shows end is in sight
Rejoice in the light and the warmth

Don’t rush to the future bemused
In time the glow will all catch
Keep safe, keep dry, keep unused
The potent from belief will sure match

These short pieces were first published in Edition #3 of Creations, the Lazuli Portals Newsletter. Click here to sign up for free. http://www.lazuli-portals.com/

About the Authors

Joanna Gawn is an author, energy-healing practitioner and wife. She loves writing, reading, spreadsheets, National Trust gardens, and inspiring scenery. Dartmoor and Brittany are two of her favourite places. She and her husband are owned by two cats. Joanna is a chocoholic, and is also partial to cake.
Ron Dickerson is a Cornishman with a background in rugby, business and Round Table/Rotary; perhaps not the expected connections for writing spiritual adventure novels! He has a deep love of books and superb writing. He is an intuitive natural healer. He and his wife also have two cats.
Joanna and Ron are currently writing the sequel to The Cordello Quest, entitled Mosaic of Light. They also write short stories (published as ebooks), flash fiction and poetry.

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