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Monday, September 17, 2012

“Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have)" by Sarah Mlynowski

I have yet to come across a novel by Sarah Mlynowski that I haven’t enjoyed by Ten Things We Did (andProbably Shouldn't Have) just might be my favorite.  Granted, a certain amount of disbelief is needed for this novel.  You have to be willing to believe that a seventeen-year-old girl would be allowed to stay behind when her father and stepmother move to Cleveland (after her mother got remarried and moved to Paris).  Of course, the parents don’t know that said friend’s mother stars in a play in another town and the two girls are living completely on their own.  You also have to believe that said father would deposit $1000 per month into his daughter’s bank account each month to cover “expenses” and doesn't realize that she is spending her income on things such as a hot tub.  Once you can believe these things, this is an awesome book!

This book has many laugh out loud moments.  As April learns to live on her own she makes discoveries such as what kinds of soap can go in the dishwasher (as you can imagine, she learns this the hard way) and which people in her life truly care about her and which ones don’t.  As I was reading, I felt that April was a very real character.  As the story progresses she takes the sort of risks that is to be expected when a girl her age is left completely unsupervised, but she learns so much from the decisions and by the end of the novel has completed one of the best character arcs I have seen in this genre.  There is one discover that April makes that I had to applaud Mlynowski for writing (trying not to spoil something incredibly plot important here).  I have run tons of YA lit, but I cannot really recall a writer that has put a main character in that situation.  I was blown away but so pleased that Mlynowski wrote that into her novel (Confused?  Again, don’t want to spoil anything, but if you email me, I’ll let you know which bit I am talking about). 

I really loved this book.  I am sad that it took me so long to get around to reading it.  After all, I love the Magic in Manhattan series, Gimme a Call and Monkey Business.  If you like girly books, this one is an absolute must!

Happy Reading!

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