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Sunday, September 16, 2012

An Obsession with the Books by Ann M. Martin

I began reading The Baby-Sitters Little Sister books when I was in the second grade (so about 15 years ago).  From the first book, I was hooked.  I have been working on collecting all of her books: quite a feat since the main Baby-Sitters series alone has 131 titles, and that’s not counting the spin-offs and stand-alone titles!  So here it is, my list of Ann M. Martin books I’m currently missing.  I’m hoping that since the release of The Summer Before, some of these will be reprinted, since I don’t like to order from individual people online.  Hopefully I can complete my collection!

The Baby-Sitters Club
The Baby-Sitters Chain Letter

The Baby-Sitters Graphix
The Truth About Stacey
Mary Annne Saves the Day
Claudia and Mean Janine

The Baby-Sitters Little Sister
37 Karen’s Tuba
51 Karen’s Big Top
57 Karen’s School Mystery
60 Karen’s Pony
61 Karen’s Tattletale
65 Karen’s Toys
78 Karen’s Half Birthday
79 Karen’s Big Fight
80 Karen’s Christmas Tree
81 Karen’s Accident
82 Karen’s Secret Valentine
83 Karen’s Bunny
86 Karen’s Telephone Trouble
97 Karen’s Paper Route
98 Karen’s Fishing Trip
100 Karen’s Book
101 Karen’s Chain Letter
102 Karen’s Black Cat
103 Karen’s Movie Star
108 Karen’s Field Day
110 Karen’s Swim Meet
114 Karen’s Chicken Pox
117 Karen’s Mistake
118 Karen’s Figure Eight
119 Karen’s Yo-Yo
122 Karen’s Cowboy

Baby-Sitters Friends Forever
3 Mary Anne’s Big Break-up
8 Mary-Anne’s Revenge

The Kids of Ms. Colman’s Class
2 Author Day
3 Class Pet
4 Second Grade Baby
7 Science Fair
9 Halloween Parade
11 Spelling Bee
12 Baby Animal Zoo

California Diaries
4 Amalia
13 Maggie, Diary 3
14 Amalia, Diary 3
15, Ducky, Diary 3

Main Street
3 ‘Tis the Season
4 Best Friend
5 Secret Book Club
6 September Surprises
7 Keeping Secrets
8 Special Delivery

Leo the Magnificent
Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Showoff

Part of my Ann M. Martin collection 

Happy Reading!

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