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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Hurricane Song" by Paul Volponi

Emotional and powerful are hardly strong enough words to describe Paul Voloponi's Hurricane Song.  Miles has moved to New Orleans to live with his muscian father.  Soon after, Hurricane Katrina moves in as well.  Though they try to evacuate, Miles and his father don't make it out of the city and instead take shelter in the Superdome.  Sure, you probably heard stories on the news about that happenings during Katrina, but this work of fiction perfectly captures the raw emotions and fears that had to be taking place during Katrina.  This book could easily be the memoirs of someone that went through Katrina.  The 8:55characters do  not have it easy, nor does it end with a "Happily Ever After" or all of our problems are gone forever and I appreciated that.

My experiences with Volponi's writing have been excellent.  He doesn't write about the same topics that get used over and over in YA fiction and he is able to create extremely realistic characters.  Though I have not been through such a terrifying experience, I could imagine the devastation as everything I have known is swept away and the not knowing if my family and I would make it out alive.  My heart went out for Miles as he struggles to survive and find a new place to call home.

Happy Reading!

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