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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

“Ten Rules for Living with My Sister” by Ann M. Martin

Picture it: I’m walking into the post office, dreading checking the box because I figure there will be nothing more than junk and bills. So imagine my surprise when I find no bills and an ARC of Ann M. Martin’s Ten Rules for Living with My Sister. Then imagine the looks of random strangers as a half run, half dance back out to my truck (what can I say, I love Martin’s books more than just about anything).

Fans of Martin’s Baby-Sitter Little Sister series will likely enjoy this book. It follows Pearl, a fourth-grade girl growing up in Manhattan. Pearl’s only real friends are her cat Bitey and her first grade neighbor. She enjoys making crafts and (though not always intentionally) annoying her older sister Lexie. Pearl keeps an ongoing list comparing herself to her sister, for instance, Lexie has a boyfriend and she doesn’t. The girls must learn to get along when their grandfather moves from his home in New Jersey to their New York apartment- meaning the sisters now have to share bedrooms! This book is just what I expected; lighthearted, but with many lessons for young readers. I would recommend it for girls around 1-4 grades and if readers like this book, it is likely they will enjoy Martin’s The Doll People series, Main Street series, Belle Teal, and A Corner of the Universe. In addition, readers who just can’t get enough of Ann M. Martin’s books should check out The Baby-Sitters Club series (check out used bookstores for books that haven’t been reprinted yet).

Happy Reading!

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