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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy" by Jane Thayer Illustrated by Lisa McCue

Oh this book is so sweet! Petey the puppy just wants a boy for Christmas, but can't seem to find one. His mom tries to find him one, but doesn't succeed, so he sets out on his own. He asks several dogs if he can have their boy, but none of the dogs he encounters wants to give up their boy. When it seems like there is just no hope, Petey finds some that needs Petey just as much as Petey needs them.

Something I like about The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy is that while it is a Christmas book, it's focus isn't on the holiday, but instead on Petey's search. Jane Thayer has written a brilliant book is all about love and finding those that make you happy. It also has a great feel-good ending. It's one of those books that really needs to be part of every child's book collection, or at least one that gets checked out from the library often. If you haven't read it yet, you really should!

Happy Reading!

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