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Friday, December 5, 2014

"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" by Barbara Robinson

Christmas is not complete without revisiting Barbara Robinson's hilarious The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The Christmas Pageant takes place every year, generally with the same kids cast in the same roles. But when  the Herdmans show up and gladly take all of the lead roles, you know that this is going to be one pageant no one ever forgets. The Herdman kids are the ones you do your best to avoid. Teachers pass them to the next grade just so that they don't have two of them in their classroom at the same time. They are always up to no good so no one can imagine why in the world they would want to take part in a Christmas ceremony. But as the reader, you will be so glad that they do.
This book is funny and easy to imagine. Reading it again as an adult, I can feel the pain the adults in the story must be going through but can do so with a smile on my face. You won't believe some of the crazy ideas the Herdman's come up with, and you will want to read this book again and again!

Happy Reading!

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