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Monday, December 1, 2014

"Arthur's Christmas" by Marc Brown

I really didn't read many Arthur books as a kid. I have no idea why, as I spent a good chunk of my childhood obsessed with the television show. As an adult, I spend way too much of time reading (and re-reading) children's book so when I came across a copy of Arthur's Christmas I decided I should give it a read.

It's almost Christmas and Arthur is in a panic about what to get Santa Claus. Unlike her brother, D.W. is completely calm and just keeps adding item after item to her Christmas wish list. After much thought and a couple of run-ins with the man in red, Arthur decides that he will cook up some of Santa's favorite foods, at the same time, in one dish. Thankfully he has a little sister that has enough common sense to help him out.

I'm pretty sure I didn't read this one as a kid. The thing that stuck out to me was that the dog was named "Killer" and not "Pal." I found this hilarious as that name seems very out of place (again, I have not read most of these books. Does Killer end up getting renamed Pal, or are they two different dogs? And if they are the same dog, are there updated books? Just curious, I am weird like that). Something else that caught my attention was that each time Arthur runs into Santa, it is clearly a different Santa. I thought this was a nice bit of humor for the adults reading to their kids and can also help with the conversation about "Santa's Helpers." Of course, kids that are fans of the Arthur books will enjoy this one and it's also a great book to have in any Christmas collection.

The Best Episode!

Happy Reading!

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