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Friday, February 28, 2014

"The Shape of My Heart" by Mark Sperring, illustrated by Alys Paterson

Mark Sperring's The Shape of My Heart is pretty cute. It starts with the shape of a person and goes through other shapes you might see in a typical days and ends with the shape you love with- your heart. This is a great book for kids that are recognizing and pointing out shapes, though I do recommend it for kids that have a decent grasp on shapes, not for kids that are just beginning to learn their shapes. Each page focuses on several shapes and could be overwhelming to kids that are just figuring out the difference between a square and a triangle.  This book is also full of bright colors, great for asking "what color is this?"

 Actually, this book is great as a whole as a question book. There are plenty of elements to ask kids about; shapes, colors, animals, etc. And Paterson's illustrations are just adorable! There isn't a lot of text on each page, good for helping with short attention spans (and there is so much going on in the pictures, there will be plenty for kids to look at while they listen). I thought this book was very sweet and see it being a kid pleaser!

Happy Reading!

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