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Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Falling For Rapunzel" by Leah Wilcox and Illustrated Lydia Monks

Kids will get a kick out of Leah Wilcox's Falling for Rapunzel. The prince comes across Rapunzel's tower and calls for her to let down her hair...only she doesn't hear correctly and instead throws down her underwear. The book continues like this, with the prince calling to Rapunzel but her throwing down one random object after an another (my personal favorite being pancake batter). In the end, this book does have a fairy tale ending, but not the one that you would expect.

Once again, this is a book that I love partially for the illustrations. There are lots of little details in the pictures that are fun to look for (I particularly liked the way the pine trees were created). I know that this is the kind of book that is prefect for reading aloud to kids. Books that rhyme are great for kiddos that are learning to read, because they will start to try and figure out what that rhyming word might be and since this book is so hilarious, they will be filled with giggles as they read with you. This will easily become a family favorite and despite it being a "princess book" I think that boys will have fun with this one too.

Happy Reading!

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