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Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Tell Me a Secret" by Holly Cupala

This book surprised me in more ways than one.  I am horribly guilty of picking up books (or not picking them up) soley based on the cover.  I guess the cover of Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala caught my attraction.  And I am glad it did.

Rand's sister died five years ago and her family has yet to fully heal from the trauma.  Rand continuously finds herself in Xanda's shadow.  It is clear that Rand's mother is desperately trying to avoid making the same mistakes with her younger daughter but by doing so, she is pushing Rand further and further away.  When Rand finally takes a pregnancy test and her worst fears are confirmed, the relationship with her mother worsens- it is now or never, she must make decisions that will change her life forever.

I have read multiple books involving teenage pregnancy (The Lit Report by Sarah N. Harvey and Dancing Naked by Shelley Hrdlitschka are both highly recommended by me) and they usually follow a similar storyline.  Girl finds out she's pregnant, girl makes decision to have the baby (usually), and then figures out if she will keep the baby or give it up for adoption.  Tell Me a Secret has those same elements, but with a drastic twist.  I don't want to reveal the twist, but it will likely shock readers and have them desperately wanting to know what happens next.  This is yet another book that will stick with the reader for quite some time even after they have finished reading it.  

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