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Thursday, December 1, 2011

"I Beat The Odds" by Michael Oher with Don Yeger

Why yes, I am a fan of The Blind Side.  So yes, I read Michael Oher's I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness to The Blind Side and Beyond (written with Don Yaeger).  This book tells the whole story of Oher's childhood, both the good and the bad.  Of course you cannot compile 20 some years of a person's life into a decent two hour movie and without it being confusing and possibly boring.  So movie makers only use the really good bits with some Hollywood flair thrown in.  So as much as I love the movie, it was nice to get the read the whole story.

Oher, born in the middle of eleven other siblings, started off at home with his mother but later in life bounced from one foster family to another and later from one friends house to another before being taken in permanently by the Tuohy family.

I found this book very inspiring.  It is clear that Oher has not forgotten about his rough past.  He talks about reasons for not owning multiple million dollar houses and cars and devotes an entire chapter with ways that the reader can give back to their community.  It was nice to read a book by a "celebrity" that made it clear that it took a lot of hard work to gain their success.  Oher describes the hours of dedication it took to complete his high school and college careers as well as the support had from others that helped to make his dreams a reality.  It is very clear that Oher wrote this book from the heart to share his story and to inspire others to realize that they can make a difference, both in their lives and the lives of others around them, no matter what their circumstances.

If you need an uplifting read, this just may be it (and no, you needn't be a spots fan to enjoy it)!

Happy Reading!

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