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Friday, October 14, 2011

Interview with Apryl Baker, Author of "The Promise"

Is there something that inspires your writing (certain music, another book, etc?)
Honestly, the most random things inspire my writing. Take the conception of The Promise for example. I was driving home from work and listening to Theory of A Dead Man’s Not Meant to Be. I passed this little community called New Salem and the image of a girl sitting beside a gravestone popped into my head. I couldn’t shake it so when I got home, I jotted it down on a yellow sticky and stuck it on the wall beside my computer. Over the next few days, I kept jotting down ideas and before I knew it I had a complete outline of a book on a wall of yellow, purple, and pink.

Do you start out writing for a particular audience, or do you see where your writing takes you?
I always tend to start out writing for a particular audience. Occassionally, I will end up so far on the opposite side of the fence its not even funny. It all depends where the story takes me.

During your writing process, is anyone allowed to read what you've written? If not, at what point do you share?
I have the great fortune of joining a truly fabulous online writing group over at www.thenextbigwriter.com. Those people are brutally honest, will shred your work when necessary and then help you fix it. I don't know how I'd get on without them. The people who are in my group always get the first look at anything new and help me to make it better. My advice to any aspiring writer is to join that site if you can take the criticism. It will make you a better writer in the end.

If you could visit any location or event to promote your book, where would it be and why?
Salem, MA for obvious reasons...lol. The book is centered around the Salem Witch Trials. It has always been a fascination of mine and I've read more books on the subject than I can count over the years. It was a very disturbing time in American history and I tried to put some of that into The Promise.

Is there a particular moment that has affected your writing? Do you mind sharing it?
I was about twelve years old when I wrote my first serious piece. I'd been writing on and off for as as long as I can remember, but it was when I was twelve that I wrote a sorta book. I remember showing it to my Aunt Jo. She read it and sat me down and said. You have a big imagination now you need to lern to write...lol. And I did. I worked hard and everything I wrote she read up until the last few weeks before she died with cancer. Some of that sadness from loosing her still seeps into my writing. It is a deep pain that never really goes away, it just eases. She was a second mother to me and I miss her dearly every day.

What book (or books) are you currently reading?
Right now I am reading Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick. I am a sucker for any books about angels. She has a unique writing style that will keep you reading.

If you could meet one person (alive or dead) who would it be?
Christine Warren...lol. Her novels inspired me to pick up a pen again. After my aunt died of cancer, I didn't even want to read a book as she was the one who gave me my first book and taught me no matter how bad things were at home, I could always find a secret hiding spot in the pages of a book. I just couldn't read a book as it was something we shared. I remember I glanced at one of her books at Target and the cover made me pause. I picked it up and ended up buying it. She made me laugh so hard. I then discovered Lindsey Sands Argeneau vampires and I was lost. But Christine's books were the first ones I picked up after not having read anything for many years and they made me smile. So much so that I started writing again. I'd like to thank her in person for that one day.

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